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Philips debuts integ 

Screening Mammography for Women in Their 40s  The postential Impact of the American Cancer Society and U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

Screening Mammography:  A Continued Debate Over the Appropriate Guidelines

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Backed by U.K. Study

New NIH Breast Cancer Research to Focus on Prevention

Radiologist Explains How Her Practice Educates Women On Breast Screening Modalities

Prior Mammography and Tomosynthesis Operate Independently to Reduce Recalls

High-Definiton Scans Suggest Effects of Smoking May Be Seen in Unborn Babies

Very Low Mammographic Breast Density May Be Associated With Higher Tumor Grade

Missing A Single Mammography Screening Exam May Increase Mortality Among Screening-Age Women.

3D Digital Mammography (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis)

Harnessing Power Of Social Media May Help Breast Centers Educate, Inform Women.

3-D Technology is Changing Breast Cancer Diagnoses

Knowledge is a key tool women can use to advocate for their own breast health.

What Breast Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Osteoporosis

Thyroid Nodules May Not Need To Be Monitored As Closely As Current Guidelines Recommend

Assessing Improvements in Detection of Breast Cancer with 3D Automated Breast US in Women with Dense Breast Tissue:  The SomoInsight Study

Breast MR May Be Useful For Working Up Lesions Classified As BI-RADS 4 At Mammography, Ultrasound

Many Women With Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Do Not Receive RT After Mastectomy

All Women Should Have Access To Ultrasound Screening For Breast Cancer

A Reality Check for Overdiagnosis Estimates Associated with Breast Cancer Screening

International Study on Inter-reader Variability for Circulating Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer

Contribution to Breast Cancer Prevention for Women:  A Challenge for Pharmacists

Strength and Courage:  Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors

Low-dose molecular breast imaging effective in supplemental cancer screenings

Study Finds That Some Older Cancer Patients can Avoid Radiotherapy

Alternative Screening for Women with Dense Breasts:  Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (Moleculat Breast Imaging)

Adding MBI To Conventional Mammography May Find More Cancers In Dense Breast Tissue

What if it were your mother? Hope, Faith and Reason at the End of Life.

Mammographic compression:  A need for mechanical standardization

Study Finds Economic Benefit for Payers, Patients When Using Tomosynthesis To Screen Women For Breast Cancer

The American College of Radiology BI-RADS ATLAS 5th Edition:  Frequently Asked Questions

Value analysis of digital breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer screening in a commercially-insured US population

Tomosynthesis could bring about $550 million in cost savings per year

Early clinical experience with digital breast tomosynthesis for screening mammography

11 Remarkable Health Advances from 2014

Women Who Received Sample Breast Density Notifications More Likely To Undergo Breast Cancer Screenings.

Atypical Hyperplasia Of The Breast May Be Linked To Higher Risk Of Cancer Than Previously Believed

MRI Improves Breast Cancer Screening in Older BRCA Carriers

Tomo plus digital mammography decreases recalls by 37%

Imaging For Distant Metastases In Patients With Early Breast Cancer Continues.

Mammography Screening Cascade

"Metu And Lee Learn About Breast Cancer"  This book is written for children whose mothers have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Risk-based Breast Cancer Screening Misses Cancers in Women in Their Forties

Genomic Health Test Could Reduce Overtreatment of Breast Cancer

Most Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Receive Unnecessary Radiation

Adding DBT To Digital Screening Mammography May Help classify Noncalcified Breast Lesions More Accurately

Annual Digital Mammography in 40 to 49 Year Olds May Lead To More Lives, Life Years Saved.

Shorter Course Of Radiation For Early-Stage Breast Cancer May Be Underused

Breast Cancer Patients May Be Receiving Radiation For Longer Than Necessary.

Breast Density: Are You Informed?

Progress on male breast cancer outcomes lags, experts say

3D Mammography Improves Cancer Detection in Dense Breasts

A new study adds to growing support for 3D mammograms

DBT Finds 30% More Cancer than Mammo in Dense Breast Tissue

Updated ACR Statement on Breast Tomosynthesis

Research Finds Use of Volpara Solutions' Quantitative Breast Imaging Tools Provide Critical Insight for 2D and 3D Mammography Screening of Women with Dense Breasts

Adding ABUS to Mammography May Increase Detection Rate of Invasive Breast Cancers.

Study:  Risk Of Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Death Due To Screening Mammograms Is Minimal.

ACR White Paper Aims To Reduce Number Of Thyroid Nodules Referred For Further Workup.

Adding DBT to Screening Mammo Boosts Benefits, but Not Cost

Survery:  Only 54 Percent Of Women Get Mammograms.

DBT Added To Screening Mammography May Be Cost-Effective In

Detecting Breast Cancer In Women With Dense Tissue

3-D Mammogrpahy Leads to Cancer Diagnosis in Hospital President

Most people uninformed about breast density risk, study finds

3D Breast Imaging Could Revolutionize Cancer Screening

Imaging more patients might help ID aggressive breast cancer

Ultrasonography May Be As Good As CT For Initial Diagnosis Of Nephrolithiasis

Study  Recurring Breast Cancer Detected By MRI, Missed By Other Modalities

DBT plus 2D mammography improves radiologist performance

Study Reports Mammography Benefits Women Over 75

MRI finds 2nd cancers after breast conservation therapy

Underuse of Trimodality Treatment Affects Survival for Patients with Inflammatory Breast Cancer:  An analysis of Treatment and Survival Trends From the National Cancer Databse

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Posts Research Plan on Breast Cancer Screening

Tomosynthesis trumps mammo alone for spotting architectural distortion

ACR Statement on Breast Tomosynthesis

Removing Healthy Breast of Little Benefit to Breast Cancer Patients

Federal Dense Breast Tissue Inform Bill Introduced in Congress

Most Patients Report Minimal Pain During Imaging-Guided Core-Needle Breast Biopsies.

Breast Imagers Defend Mammography in Wake of New Study

Breast Cancer-Men Get It Too

Study: Older women don't benefit from new breast technology

In Dense Breasts, Screening Ultrasounds Find More Cancers

Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography

3-D Mammography Test Appears to Improve Breast Cancer Detection Rate

Mammography Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths by 28 Percent

New breast imaging protocol detects more cancer, study finds

Few breast cancer patients meet physical activity recommendations

Presurgical SPECT/CT is best for sentinel lymph node detection

Study Confirms Mammography Reduces Late-Stage Breast Cancer

SRU guidelines would catch nearly all incidental thyroid cancers

Most Women Who Undergo Double Mastectomy Do Not Need To.

Seno Medical obtains CE Mark for Imagio

Bye, Bye Breast biopsy?

Ultrasonography May Be More Accurate Than MRI for Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta.

Seeing Fetal Ultrasound Images May Help Dads Bond With Their Babies

Kopans:  There Is A Coordinated Effort to Deny Women Access To Mammography Screening.

Study links high-fat diet to greater breast cancer risk

Mammo false positives don't create long-term anxiety.

Yttrium 90 Radioembolization May Slow Progression Of Breast Cancer That Has Spread To The Liver.

Breast cancer often leaves financial burden

Pennsylvania breast density law:  'What did they do now?'

The controversy on screening mammography continues

FDA Warns Against Ordering Fetal Ultrasound Videos As Keepsakes.

Yoga May Improve Quality of Life in Women Undergoing Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer.

Study:  Malignancy Rate Is Comparable For Lesions Detected At Mammography And Those Found On MRI That Are Probably Benign.

Pennsylvania Breast Density Law:  What did they do now?

An Update on Breast Density and Cancer Screening

Dramatic Rise in Thyroid Cancer has Resulted from Overdiagnosis

Scientists at the University of Manchester in the UK think that a key biological mechanism may explain for the first time why women with dense breast tissue have an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Why does breast ultrasound find cancers mammography doesn't?

Frequently Asked Questions about Mammography and the USPSTF Recommendations:  A guide for Practitioners

A Failure From the Beginning

Research Connects Inflammation in Dense Breast Tissue to Cancer

BMJ Article on Breast Cancer Screening Effectiveness Incredibly Flawed and Misleading

Annals of Internal Medicine Article on Breast Cancer Screening Costs:  Incomplete, Misleading and Not Helpful

Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Smoking History in Younger Women

Whole-genome testing of breast cancer cells could advance personalized treatment

Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging for the Detection of Breast Cancer in Dense Versus Nondense Breasts

Dense Breast Tissue is a Non-issue for Molecular Breast Imaging

Adding Tomo To Digital Mammography May Reduce Recall Rates

The Density Conundrum:  Does Legislation Help or Hurt?

Ultrasound Helps Guide Arthritis Treatment

Helping Women, by Dr. Chang

USPSTF issues recommendation on BRCA screening and testing

New device from Seno Medical could eliminate some breast biopsies

Study:  Most Older Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip RT After Surgery.

Screening Mammography Overdiagnosis Controversy May Be Contrived.

Breast Density May Play Key Role in Tumor Aggressiveness

Frequent Mammograms Linked To Lower Risk Of Lymph Node Involvement In Breast Cancer Patients.

High Breast Density May Play Role in Aggressiveness of Tumors

Tomosynthesis-Mammography Combo May Reduce Screening Recall Rates

Study Suggests Digital Mammography Finds More High-Risk Breast Lesions.

Despite Lack of Indicators, Use of Breast MRIs Rising.

Breast Density and Your Breast Mammogram Report

Breast Density Inform:  2013 and Beyond

Skipped Mammograms Tied To Increased Risk For Later-Stage Cancer.

Dr. Buck's reponse to Pittsburgh Today about thermography

Pennsylvania Bill Seeks To Require Notification Of Breast Density After Mammogram.

Breast Tomosynthesis May Differentiate Invasive Cancers From DCIS

Study Uncovers Value of Mammogram Screening for Younger Women

VolparaAnalytics Breast Imaging Quality Assurance Software Registered with FDA

Four reason why tomosynthesis lives up to the hype

MRI May Not Benefit Breast Cancer Recurrence After Treatment For DCIS

Study:  Lack of breast screening leads to more cancer deaths

Breast MRI boosts survival in high-risk women-but at a price

Ultrasound May Cut Thyroid Biopsy Rate

Multicenter ACRIN Trial Finds BI-RADS 3 Breast Lesions Have Low Cancer Rate

Tomosynthesis Reduces Breast Cancer Screening Recall Rate

FDA to Consider Regulatory Amendment for National Breast Density Notification

Tomosynthesis reduces mammo screening recall rate by 30%.

ACR Responds to New York Times Article on Redefining Cancer Diagnosis

Menopausal Hot Flashes Seem To Originate In Specific Brain Areas.

Exercise helps combat return of breast cancer

Prevention of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal women:  Approaches to Estimating and Reducing Risk

Mammographic density and breast cancer risk:  current understanding and future prospects

Quantitative Assessment of Mammographic Breast Density:  Relationship with Breast Cancer Risk.

Breast Density Inform:  2013 and Beyond

Groups Pushing For Legislation On Breast Density Information

Clinical usefulness of breast-specific gamma imaging as an adjunct modality to mammography for diagnosis of breast cancer:  a systemic review and meta-analysis.

Regular Session 2013-2014 Senate Bill 0358 P N 0281

Senate Passes Mensch Bill to Improve Breast Cancer Detection

Use of 3D Digital Mammography Grows

RT May Be Better For Patients With Node-Positive Breast Cancer.

See Dr. Bohm-Velez featured on WQED Pittsburgh 360.  Watch this exciting video:

Radiation Alone May Be OK For Certain Patients With Node-Positive Breast Cancers.

First Large-Scale U.S. Study Validates the Benefits of 3-D Mammography.

Women in their 40s reluctant to give up breast screening.

Rates of Mammography Among Women in Their 40's Have Not Declined Significantly

Physicians Divided Over How To Best Spot Cancer In Women With Dense Breasts

BRCA1 and BRCA2:  Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing

Breast MRI May Help Improve Long-Term Prognosis

Tomosynthesis Improves Detection of Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma in Patients with Increased Risk

MBI Effective, less costly for diagnosing brest cancer

Breast MRI May Change Cancer Treatment Plan In Women Over 60

Radiologist Calls Study's Breast Cancer Over-diagnosis Conclusion Flawed

MRI May Assist in Detecting Cancers in Women with Breast Implants

Transvaginal Sonography Best for Assessing Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy

Extent Of Disease MRI May be Beneficial for Older Patients with Breast Cancer

Mammogram Rates Hold Steady Despite USPSTF Guidelines

Breast Tomo Screening Mammogram Combo May Increase Cancer Detection

Drugs can cut breast cancer risk for some

Quality Measure May Imporve Sensitivity of Shear Wave Breast Elastography

Skipping Mammograms May Increase Older Women's Risk of Dying From Breast Cancer

Tomosynthesis in the News

Medicare Payment Cuts For Osteoporosis Testing Reduced Use Despite Tests' Benefit In Reducing Fractures

Hologic's breast tomosynthesis technology was approved in the U.S. in February, 2011 and has had CE marking since 2008.


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