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SoftVueTMUltrasound from Delphinus Medical Technologies

Over 40% of women have dense breast tissue, which increases breast cancer risk. For the majority of women, mammography is effective at helping ensure the early detection of breast cancer. For women with dense breasts, mammography by itself may not be enough. Studies have shown breast cancers were found in dense breasts by ultrasound that could not be seen by doctors on mammography.

In pursuit of better technology to supplement mammography, we at Weinstein Imaging are participating in an important national study of a new, advanced 3D breast ultrasound technology called SoftVue. SoftVue is a fully automated, gentle and comfortable system that conducts scans while a patient relaxes on her stomach with her breast supported in a warm water bath.
Unlike the current handheld and automated ultrasound systems, SoftVue utilizes a 360-degree ring transducer that images the entire breast in a single pass, moving from the front of the breast to the chest wall, without radiation or compression of the breast. The unique circular transducer can evaluate multiple distinctive tissue qualities to provide physicians with an understanding of the tissue within the whole breast from the chest wall to the nipple. The exam lasts just a few minutes, and the captured signals are analyzed using sophisticated algorithms that provide cross-sectional slices of the entire volume of the breast.

Eligible participants who meet the requirements will be asked to sign a consent form and to undergo their standard 2D and 3D mammography screening followed by the SoftVue exam. The SoftVue exam will be performed at no cost to volunteers or their insurance. It is important that each participant return in 12 months for her next annual mammogram. Participants will be compensated a total of $80 by the Sponsor of this program for completion of all protocol visits and procedures that are recommended by the interpreting doctor.

If you would like more information about the project, or if you would like to participate please email us at or call our South Hills office at 412-440-6999.

Additional information is available at To learn more about the SoftVue experience, click here. If you have an mp4 video player on your device or computer, you can watch a video about this technology here:

  This technology and Weinstein Imaging Associates were featured on Dr. Maria Simbra's Health Watch segment on KDKA-TV's local evening news (April 6, 2018).

Drs. Sharek and Bohm-Velez from our practice discuss Softvue here (m4v format):

This is a video on what to expect if you participate in the SoftVue study:

This breast cancer is dark on the left image (upper right) and mostly orange on the right image
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